Olancha Sculpture Garden, Cal - U.S. 395

Visitation Date: October 10, 2015

Have you ever found yourself speeding along a lonely stretch of road in the desert, or anywhere for that matter, only to catch something out of the corner of your eye and wonder, "What in the world was that?" Do you ever take the next opportunity to turn around and go back to investigate? That's how I often discover the most interesting places on a roadtrip.

Located just south of Olancha, on the west side of US 395, is the Olancha Sculpture Garden. It contains the work of artist Jael Hoffmann and is a must stop when in the area.

Sculpture Gardens facilitate access to art. The rugged environments my sculptures chose to inhabit are not coincidental, but supportive of their unadorned messages.
— Hoffmann

Be careful exiting US 395, the small dirt road that leads to the garden comes up quickly.

One of the more noticeable figures, which perhaps was the one that caught my eye, is "The Hitchhiker." Thumb extended, wrench necklace, and a small suitcase (which represents the baggage we all carry through life).








Cleaning House

Demons don't appreciate the light. They look rather witless when given no option.





Topography of Belief

Veil of Secrecy. Not to judge, but to keep the dialogue alive. Abuse of power happens behind many a veil of secrecy.

Up and Out

Be Kind Not Right

Give and Take

Vicious Cycle


Detoothing the Monster

Home (close up)

Catch the Metal Cutting Disk (or not)

I love finding places like this, and it seems the world is full of such surprises. I'm going to try to more often follow that urge to turn around and go back to see what that thing was that I just passed. I don't always do it, but I'm getting better at it.

To visit Jael Hoffmann's website, click HERE.