Heart Arch - Alabama Hills

Trek Date: October 10, 2016

You can actually see Heart Arch from the Arch Loop Trail parking area. It's way out there in the picture above. Take this departure point, but when you come to a fork in the trail, take the right fork to hike to Heart Arch. If you take the left fork, it will bring you to Mobius Arch and Lathe Arch. It's kind of a win/win.

The funny thing about Heart Arch is, the best vantage point to see the heart shape in the arch is right here. At the parking area. As the trail takes you down into canyons and then back up rocky ridges, it twists and turns, and when Heart Arch pokes back into view, it doesn't always resemble a heart. But don't let that stop you from hiking to it, there's plenty more arches in them thar hills. Follow along my trail.

The scenery in all directions is spectacular. Listen and you can hear cowboys riding the trail.

As I hiked into the rocks, arches began to appear.

I named this formation The Pipe Organ.

The heart seems to look a bit like an acorn from this vantage point. See the little arch down near the trail?

This shot was taken from the parking area with a telephoto lens.

Perhaps my favorite shot of Heart Arch. It was a great day to be in the Alabama Hills. The next time I visit, I plan on staying several days to see how many arches I can find. Please download any of my images that you might want to use as wallpaper or for any project. No strings attached.

Remember when hiking:

Leave No Trace and Don't Crush the Brush.

The Don't Crush the Brush campaign was created by the Bishop Area Bureau of Land Management and the Community of Lone Pine California in an effort to educate and encourage the visitors to the Alabama Hills to help protect the desert environment.