Rt 66 - San Jon, NM

Visited September 24, 2014

San Jon is a quiet place today. It was founded in 1902 and enjoyed some prosperity after the railroad came through in 1904. When Route 66 was widely traveled, the town experienced its greatest success, providing tourist-oriented businesses such as cafes, motor courts, garages and gas stations. As with many other towns along 66, when I-40 bypassed the village, the local economy declined with many of the businesses shutting down. I’m guessing that San Jon doesn’t see a lot of traffic through town, but I enjoyed driving through, stopping and taking some pictures of the old businesses that once thrived back in the old days.

This old service station doesn't pump gas anymore, but it does appear to still be in service somewhat as there was some stuff stored inside.

A couple views of the Quay County Co-op. Feeds & Seeds.

This building looks like it might have also been a service station.

This old farmhouse was located a little way out of town. The flowers certainly seem to be enjoying themselves.

Abandoned and forgotten. I love finding old cars and trucks like this alongside the road, in fields, in flowers, wherever they may be. This old Dodge won't be going anywhere under its own power again, but I think it looks right at home next to the farmhouse. I bet it hauled a lot of stuff over the years; groceries, tools, kids.