Rt 66 - Goffs, Cal

It was late Sunday afternoon on Day One of my Route 66/I’m driving to Texas adventure. I was taking four days to drive from La Habra, Cal to McKinney, Texas. I figured that would give me a good amount of time to see some interesting places along the way. And that I did. As it turned out, however, I could have spent four weeks making the same drive; there is just so much to see along the way.

I had just arrived in Goffs, California and was wandering about to see what I could find. The town dates back to 1883 and came to life along with the railroads, first as a siding and later as a major stop and water station. 

My first stop in Goffs was the 100-year-old Goffs Schoolhouse. It’s a one-room mission style desert school built in 1914 by the County of San Bernardino. It has been completely restored and returned to its 1914 feel and appearance. It’s been placed on the National Register of Historic place and is currently a museum and cultural center. The surrounding grounds are filled with interesting artifacts of years gone by. Unfortunately, it was closed when I arrived so I wasn't able to get a good look at all the things on the property. And yes, the yellow Volkswagon appears to have been flattened and turned into a ScareDub. Click HERE for more history on the old school and town.

Continuing on my way, I crossed the railroad tracks and spotted the old Goffs General Store. It appears to be the largest building in town and also seems to have not been open for many years. I parked across the street and grabbed my camera to take a few pictures. It was sort of creepy, but in a good way. I was a bit surprised that the owners didn't sell off the fixtures, rather than let everything just sit and either be vandalized or deteriorate from the weather. Maybe they were hoping for a quick sell after it closed, or had thoughts of someday reopening. Unfortunately, the building is in such disrepair that I doubt it will ever be safe to use again. After poking around a bit, it was time to head to Laughlin. I had a free room waiting at the Tropicana and the morrow would find me traveling across Arizona.

The Goffs General Store

Has certainly seen better days

Lots of trains in the Mojave