Old Homestead

This old homestead is located on Hwy 247 just a short distance north of Lucerne Valley. I had just tracked down the King Clone Creosote and was on my way to Barstow when I spotted someone taking pictures of several abandoned buildings on the opposite side of the road. This place called to me and I had to stop to take some pictures. Something draws me to these places and I often wonder what stories the old places could tell.

After taking a few shots of the homestead and deploying a Munzee near the fence, I drove across the street to what looks like it might have been a farm or dairy ranch. There were several old, dilapidated buildings along the road and fields stretched out behind the buildings. Part of the fun of exploring these abandoned places is trying to guess what they once were and imagining them back when they were originally built. After chasing away the other photographer, I had the place on Gobar Road all to myself to see what I could find.