PC - The Boogie-Man

PC = "Postcard"

Here's an old Frasher's Foto Postcard. I'll bet most people will recognize the "Boogie-Man" in the photo, and not from their childhood fears. I believe this picture was taken in 1947. If I had to pick the spot in J Tree that gets the most visitors, or has its picture taken the most, I think this would be it.


"The Boogie-man, long known to visitors of the monument, is at the edge of the main road, peeking over a rock as you pass by. Outcroppings of rock are scattered throughout the monument, eroded into different sizes and shapes, from an elephant to a [scull]. All are un-marked so the visitor may have the fun of picking their own imaginary shapes."

Whoever wrote that blurb got it right. Just about every rock in J Tree looks like some kind of creature, or body part, or person. The imagination runs wild in the park.