E's Arch

Well, I was out wandering around in the rocks just north of Twin Tanks the other day, and that's truly a great area to wander. So many washes, twisting, turning. So much ground to cover, legs aching and burning. So many rocks to climb and explore, with different types, shapes and sizes. And so many natural cache basins, the area should really be called Thousand Tanks. I had a great time wash weaving and rock scrambling and could have spent the entire day in the area. I'm sure at times I set foot where no previous hiker had ever trod.

It doesn't take long for me to start seeing things in the rocks when I'm hiking at J Tree. Giant mushrooms, faces, animals....they all seem to morph out of rock formations in my imagination. But one of the coolest sights I came across during the day wasn't an animal or face rock, it was a small arch rock, located on the side of a little rockhill. I've decided to adopt it and make it my own; I have named it "E's Arch." It is my pleasure to present it to you now.

Photodate: 12/01/2113

Photodate: 12/09/2113