The Old Mill near Lida, Nevada

Visit date: October 8, 2015

A large, empty shell of a mill stands lost and lonely, some 17 miles west of Lida, Nevada.

Search as I did, there was little to no information that I could find regarding what the building was used for, who owned it, a name, nothing. But it's pretty cool, and my guess is that at one time it held milling machinery inside, as there are plenty of mines in the nearby hills.

So I stopped by, wandered around a bit to see what I could find, leaving only footprints and taking only pictures. And some video.

A water reservoir up behind the mill.

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Not a piece of machinery to be seen, inside or out.

Here's a short, 3-1/2 minute video I took while walking around the old building. Please give it a "Like" and leave a comment on my YouTube page.