Rt 66 - Moriarty, NM

Visited September 24, 2014

Let me just say, if you happen to like fireworks that you can't buy in some states, Moriarty, New Mexico is a great place to visit. Not that I am encouraging the transportation of fireworks over state lines. Those who know me, know I would <ahem> never suggest that.

Moriarty was established back in 1887 and was named for Michael Moriarty, one of the original homesteaders. It was a farming community then and is a farming community today. And it was once home to one of the most impressive Route 66 complexes ever, the Longhorn Ranch Motel. At its peak, the Longhorn included a motel, restaurant, museum, garage, gas station and souvenir shop. Unfortunately, nothing much remains of the Longhorn Ranch.

An old postcard of the Longhorn Ranch Motel, "air-cooled by nature...sleep under cover every night...tiled floors...tub and shower...tiled baths...steam heat."

Driving through town, I spotted this Whiting Bros sign and Gas Station nearby. It's obviously been restored and looks great. Old gas pumps stand in front of the station, but I don't think they are operational.

The Frontier Bar is no longer serving. 

I enjoyed driving through Moriarty, it's a good place to get off I-40 and fill up your car, stretch your legs and get a quick bite to eat. I'm sure there are a number of interesting spots in town that I missed, but that leaves me something to find the next time I need fireworks.