Rt 66 - Continental Divide, NM

Visited September 28, 2014

I turned off I-40 at Exit 47 in order to stand my ground on the Continental Divide. I’m not sure exactly where it was, as there were several signs and monuments amongst the tourist stop shops in the area. I do know that I was at an elevation of over 7200 feet and that many claim this spot to be the highest point on Route 66 (although that’s open to debate).

In any case, I was on the backbone of America. Water to the west of this spot flows into the Pacific Ocean, water to the east flows into the Atlantic, Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico. Back during the busy days of Route 66, this spot was home to the Great Divide Trading Company, the Continental Trading Post and the Top O’ the World Hotel and Café. Today, there are a number of trading posts still operating. One store in particular, the Continental Divide Indian Market, has a nice assortment of fireworks….