Rt 66 - Grand Canyon Caverns, AZ

You never know what you might find when you’re on your way to a poker game. Walter Peck was heading over to play some cards with friends when he stumbled and nearly fell into a large hole in the ground. Returning to the spot the next day, he and some friends began exploring the hole. Thinking he had found gold while down in the large cavern, Peck later purchased the property and began making preparations to strike it rich. Unfortunately, the assay reports on his find revealed the shiny stuff was nothing more than iron oxide. But Peck was not discouraged, he came up with an idea to bring travelers to the site and tour the caverns, for the small fee of 25 cents. Thus began what would later become the Grand Canyon Caverns.

The Caverns are one of the largest dry caverns on earth and have still not been completely explored. So I decided to visit and see what I could find at this historic Route 66 attraction. They're located right off 66, just a couple miles east of Peach Springs. I didn’t have time to take one of the cavern tours on this trip, but I did walk around the grounds a bit. There are camping facilities, a restaurant and store, old cars and trucks and a lot of dinosaurs. For more information on the history of the caverns, click HERE or HERE.