What I Found - Joshua Tree National Park

Trek Date: May 20, 2018

With a few hours to spare on a Sunday morning, I headed out to JTree to wander about and see what I could find. And as it turned out, the hiking and finding gods were with me. I found some interesting new places to explore, I saw some things I hadn't seen before, I didn't twist or break anything, I didn't get bit by venomous insects or reptiles, nor poked by sharp plants. In fact, no blood was drawn this trip. The pictures that follow are true representations of "what I found" whilst hiking on a beautiful Sunday morning. No pixels were significantly altered.

After 50 years of visiting the monument/national park, I finally ran across a live desert tortoise, almost literally. This guy was meandering across Park Blvd. just about a mile or so into the park via the west entrance. The car ahead of me didn't stop, perhaps didn't see him, and drove right over him. Fortunately without hitting him. I pulled up behind him, flipped on my flashers and gave him time to get off the road. Then I took his picture without his permission. I felt he owed it to me.

The MBC index came in at 1.2

These small yellow flowers were pretty much everywhere I visited.

This could well be the most photographed dead tree in the park. Who knows where this is?

Reportedly, a grave marker.

Can dumps are amazing. Desert Gold, rusty riches.

After quite a long time, I was finally able to add another vintage automobile to my JT Collection.

Have you ever been driving along Park Blvd. and spotted something that you normally don't see, out of the corner of your eye? I recommend turning around at the nearest opportunity, heading back and hiking to what caught your eye. Even when it means something sticks you really sharp in your foot.

I think this brings my Joshua Tree photo count up to about 3,500.  And about 1% of them actually look pretty nice. I love digital.

Joshua Tree National Park 016 Jack Rabbit.jpg

Hare he is.

I'm usually not quick enough to catch these guys, but Jack was kind enough to pose and let me creep up on him a bit.

When I'm anywhere remotely near this spot, I like to stop and see how the old Juniper is doing.

Unfortunately, when I'm out looking for things, I sometimes find crap like this. I don't know about you, but I've been camping for close to 50 years, and spray paint has never been on my camping gear checklist. I first spotted the "goons" about a year ago and reported it to the park. On this trip, more graffiti has been added to this boulder and to the rock on the right. I'm going to report it again and hopefully it will get removed, because when people see this, I think it makes other low lifes think it's ok to do. Report graffiti in the park to: jotr_graffiti@nps.gov


Contrails often disrupt a beautiful sky background, but sometimes they make a photo more interesting.

Does anyone else see a T-Rex skull fossil, or is it just me?

The Ryan Ranch Ruins have a fascinating history, click HERE to read more about this intriguing site. Mining, cattle ranching, water source, rustlers. By the way, my advice is to visit this spot soon, while you can still get up close and personal. 

Because unfortunately, with more and more visitors to the park (most of whom are respectful, thoughtful folks who come to enjoy the beauty and history of JT), more and more idiots are also entering the park who think it's perfectly fine to scratch or paint their asinine scribbles on historic artifacts or beautiful scenery.

Park HQ has in the past, repaired the damage to the Ryan Ranch ruins. But who knows if they'll have the funds to continue to do so. Go visit before the entire area is fenced off to visitors. Check out Murbachi's Ryan Ranch page for 3D images that will amaze your eyes, click HERE.

It was a great day for stalking the park's namesake. If you've ever wondered how their branches form and why they spring out at all those strange angles, click HERE for some cool insight into Josh.

If things start looking tilted whilst you are hiking, drink more water. And remember, Leave No Trace. #LNT

Please feel free to download any of my pictures, use them for wallpaper, print them out for Christmas cards, create memes. No charge, no muss, no fuss. Credit back to Cali49.com would be nice, but it's not required. #FreePIxels

Joshua Tree National Park 001 Desert Tortoise Mini.jpg