Belle's Eye Arch - Joshua Tree National Park

Trek Date: May 27, 2017

If you've never heard of Belle's Eye Arch, located in Joshua Tree National Park, it's because I just named it. I tend to do that with rocks and things I find in the park. If it doesn't already have a well-known name, BOOM. It's christened.

I especially like places that aren't too far from where you can park and aren't crowded with JT visitors, and this spot qualifies. Less than a five minute walk from the truck and odds are, no one will be anywhere near you when you visit it.

May I present, "Belle's Eye Arch." So-called because it's so-near Belle Campground. The view above is taken from the east side of the arch.

And here's the view from the west side of the arch. You can actually see this formation from the road, so it's easy to find. I call the rock on the left, "Happy Sock Puppet."

Check it out when you get a chance.

Belle's Eye Arch can be approached from Belle Campground, or from the road. The shoulders are wide enough to safely park off the road and hike directly east to the arch.