101 Things to See in Joshua Tree National Park

What makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well.
— Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Or an old, abandoned car. Or a stone ruin. Maybe a Native American site. A Gold Mine. A rock that looks like a turtle. Wildflowers. Obscure machinery. The list of neat things to find in JTree is endless, and most likely differs from one person to the next. Many noteworthy spots can be seen while in the comfort of a car driving along Park Blvd., or just a short walk from convenient parking areas. Others require hiking (sometimes serious hiking) to reach their remote locations. But no matter if you drive by, hike to or accidentally stumble upon an awesome sight, the sense of wonder at first glance is the same. And has the power to create explorers out of visitors.

Having explored many regions of the park over the past few decades, I thought I'd put this post together about some of my favorite sites and sights. Narrowing it down to only 101 was challenging....

Rocks. There are lots of Rocks. All shapes and sizes. Some hold secrets.

Mines. Who doesn't love a good gold mine?

Native American sites. These are perhaps the most difficult to locate, but sometimes luck is a great guide.

Stone Ruins. Who built them and why? Sometimes in the most remote places.

Old Cars. The miles they drove, their owners and their final destination. Did someone learn how to drive in this old car?

Desert Gold. Some look at it as trash, some see sand strewn with history. Thankfully, it's all protected by law.

Now comes the fun part of this post (not that looking at those award-winning shots wasn't fun). I've put together a short video that contains 101 images of some of my favorite sites and sights in JTree. It runs a little over 7-minutes-long and was a true pleasure to put together. I hope you enjoy it, be sure to watch it full screen and in high resolution. If you'd like to take the 101-Places Challenge, print out the image to the right and fill in the blanks as you watch. Feel free to post your score in the comments section.

Spoiler Alert: The complete list of sites and sights will be available at the end of this post.

As promised, here's the list of sites and sights in the slide show:

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