52 Miles

If you've ever wondered how far it is from the west entrance of Joshua Tree National Park to the south entrance, it's approximately 52 miles via Park Blvd. and Pinto Basin Road. I know this because I recently entered the confusing (at least to me, at present) world of video cameras and decided to make a video of that drive. 

The drive from the west entrance to Cottonwood Springs took me about three hours, what with the stops I made along the way to film a few major landmarks and to change the placement of my camera. It was quite a learning experience, both during the filming and then later during the editing. I figured out a few things after I got home and viewed the clips that will hopefully make future projects a bit more watchable.

Please take five minutes to watch (choose a HD resolution) my first effort and feel free to leave comments, suggestions and advice. Filmed with a GoPro Hero 4 Silver.