Wandering while Waiting

Trek date: August 3, 2016

So I recently bought a GoPro camera and have been having some fun learning how to use it. I had shot a lot of video earlier this day, and now wanted to try a time lapse experiment. I found an appropriate rock to put the camera on, pointed it towards some other rocks and a portion of Park Blvd., checked the settings and started recording. Which left me with about twenty minutes to wander about while waiting for the camera to do its thing. 

And thus, this post was born. Here are some of the things I saw while wandering and waiting.

This would have been nice to see when the flowers were fresh.

I see rock shelters.

Reminds me of the Sphinx.

Maybe my favorite shot of the day.

A jagged skyline.

I see a lady's face in this rock.

The desert floor was covered with green and bits of red grasses.

Wandered upon some pictographs.

About as close to a selfie as I get.

Those were a few of the sights along a twenty minute hike. You never know what you're going to find.

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Feel free to download any of these images for your personal use.