Wonder Rock Pictograph Boulder

Trek Date: April 4, 2015

I wonder what's under that rock?

Have you ever said that to yourself and then thought, "probably a nest of rattlesnakes, or a hive of killer bees, maybe a mutant scorpion. I'd better not get too close." Or does the kid who lives inside you surface and say, "don't be a scaredy-pants, crawl under there and let's see what we can find!"

With me, the kid usually wins (as long as the old body can do it). 

Crawl under Wonder Rock and see for yourself.

Once inside the boulder, I could stand up without hitting my head on the rock ceiling, there is plently of space inside the rock. Several pictographs in red paint are located above the jagged entrance. At the very top of the enclosure is an image of the sun with rays. I spotted one petroglyph towards the back of the little room. This is one of the coolest spots I've visited in J Tree. And being so protected from the elements, the red color used to create the pictographs is very bold.

The lone petroglyph

So next time you wonder.....

Every hike in J Tree has some surprises in store, here are a couple things I ran across on this trip.

I had to include a picture of this Joshua Tree. It's one of the branchiest (not sure if that's a real word, kind of doubt it) Joshua trees I've seen in the park.

The MBC (Mylar Balloon Count) was extremely low on this trip; I only found one. Sometimes it's as high as 3.

I love finding dams from the cattle ranching days. Sometimes they're small like this one, sometimes they're pretty big, like THIS one. Feel free to email me about cool places you've found at Joshua Tree National Park.