The Brunette Lady of Joshua Tree

Who is the mysterious “Brunette Lady” of Joshua Tree? Is she related to the mysterious "Red Lady" of Joshua Tree? What's her story and will she ever get a TV reality show? Where can I meet her?

Well, the Brunette Lady is an anthropomorphic figure, likely of Chemeheuvi origin, as is the Red Lady. She's made of red pigment and if you look at her hairline you'll understand her name. I found her in an alcove in some really huge boulders in the Wonderland of Rocks, not too far from the Red Lady, as the crow flies.

An interesting note about the Brunette Lady site is that reportedly on the Spring equinox, the sun will shine directly through a small notch on a distant ridge at sunrise. It can only be seen if you are standing directly in front of the lady. I hope to sometime be there at the right time to verify and see this event.

Near the Brunette Lady is another small alcove, which has a very faded pictograph. All I was able to make out were two faint splotches of red pigment. The DzrtGrls website relates that these two spots of pigment are thought to represent the Brunette Lady's twin sons, fathered by the Sun, which corresponds to the "Lone Woman of the Cave" legend.

It was nice to finally meet the Brunette Lady of Joshua Tree, as I'd heard a lot about her. She didn't talk much while I was there, but I definitely enjoyed the visit. I think I'll need to drop by again, to see what else I can find in all those boulders and possible shelter sites that surround her home.

If you stop by, be sure to bring some flowers.